The Evans Family

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Timeline for

Llewellen Evans

  1. -Born 1771 in Virginia

  2. -Moved to SC while still a child lived on the Congaree and Wateree Rivers fork

  3. -1795-6 Lost a sister & converted to Methodism

  4. -Itinerant Minister for Seven Years locating in 1804

Llewellen’s Married Life

  1. -Married Mary Harris daughter of Ezekiel Harris of Augusta.

  2. -Resided in Wilkes and Lincoln Counties, GA

  3. -Worked as local farmer and local preacher

  4. -Raised 8 children two girls and six boys.  Three became Methodist Ministers.

The Ezekiel Harris House

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I am attempting to prove the paternity of the Reverend Llewellen Evans who lived from 1771-1842.  I am researching his Eight children to complete my case study of paternity of this Southern Methodist Icon.

The Reverend Llewellen Evans